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Why Canada?

Canada is consistently rated together of the foremost desirable places to measure, work, study, and travel due to its buoyant economy with a highly developed social network, incredible natural resources, diverse and welcoming communities. It is a highly attractive destination for people around the world. Come to Canada if you are looking for:

  • Fresh Start
  • Seeking better employment opportunities
  • Excellent education and personal growth opportunities
  • Canada has the most supportive social security benefits for immigrants and their family
  • In Canada, we celebrate diversity.
  • We have the freedom to religion, culture, and language

How Can I immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is broadly divided into two Categories

  • Permanent Immigration Programs – If you would like to vary your residence and sleep in Canada, then you'll qualify under one of the categories of the permanent immigration program.
  • Temporary Resident Programs – If you would like to go to, work, or study in Canada, then you want to qualify under the temporary resident program.

Depending on your case, your goals, and your bent coming to Canada whether it's to review, work, or sleep in Canada our consultant will guide you in the right direction.

Permanent Immigration Programs

Canada’s permanent immigration programs are broadly divided into two programs

  • Economic Class – Under this program the idea of choosing foreign nationals as permanent residents is their ability to become economically established in Canada. The programs are supported what the Canadian economy must address current and future skills, knowledge, and expertise gaps within the market.
    • Express Entry -Skilled Worker
    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
    • Business Immigration
    • Caregiver Program
  • Family Reunification – As a nation with a dedication to family reunification and keeping loved ones together, Canada offers a variety of immigration programs that allow Canadians to sponsor their family members to Canada.
    • Spouse/Partner Sponsorship
    • Dependent Children
    • Parents/Grandparents sponsorship
    • Other Relative

Temporary Immigration Programs

Canada’s temporary immigration programs are broadly divided into the subsequent categories:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Super Visa
  • Student Permit
  • Work Permit